Saturday, March 12, 2011

DAY TWO: Settling... or not

Definitely slept in today 2 GOALS: 1.Find a place to live 2. Get a job. Well not when you don't know anybody, and have to use a GPS to get to the gas station. After an entire day of driving around to various places we had looked up online, we weren't really feeling it. It was a pretty scary thought; up until this point, things had fallen into place... and this, was not. Then on top of all that, things turned bad with the place we were staying. Now what? Seriously I have never been more scared in my life. I couldn't go back home now, we had come so far. I randomly decided to get a hotel, let my brain slowdown for a bit, and figure out our next move. (Obviously this is what the random $100 was for as I walked out the door, love you Dad) I get online and book a hotel called the Radisson in Whittier, California. Turns out the whole thing was an answer to my prayers. I just chilled out, took 2 or 5 showers, watched some CSI, chatted on Facebook, and didn't think about my problems. "Hey how are things going in California?" chats a different friend Jeff. I tell him what's up and he has this bright idea to check out Huntington or Newport, basically a little ways South anywhere.I don't know why I did, but I loved the idea. Right after, I texted Taylor and told her what he had proposed, and we decided to check things out. So about 2AM I feel at peace finally and fall asleep. 

DAY 3: Change of plans....
I wake up, take my own sweet time to shower yet again, dress in some chill attire, don't brush my hair, and put on muh trusty fedora. On the road yet again, (Every time you go anywhere here, it turns into a road trip because of the traffic)ready to pick Taylor up and start this new adventure. Bronson answers the door, in his underwear... don't worry Taylor and Cody were both wide awake but made him answer it anyway. I come in, we chat for a bit and head off... Orange County. We don't understand why we feel so good about it but we do. We are Praying in Gratitude for the trials and blessings we had received so far. Great start to the day. It's getting warmer.... GREATEST THING EVER!! It's starting to look more like the California you always picture. We are so excited when you can finally see the beach! 


How could we want to live anywhere else?;)

Why didn't we think of this before? Downtown is so dirty and sketchy, we were afraid to walk to our car... this was the best decision we had ever made! Only one problem, we don't know a single soul. Literally, we had no plans. All of sudden my friend,
Dr. Brock's 
name pops in my head. 

He had lived here a while back working as a doctor. I send him a text and ask him if he knows anyone that might be able to help us. Being more than glad to help, he makes the phone call for us, tells us to meet up with him so he can help us out. So we head to 120 17th Street, Huntington Beach, CA. WTH, the beach is still within view... he can't live here. But he does. This guy named Kui, (pronounced Ewwy, but with a K)is the greatest guy ever. So surprised to find he is LDS, like actual LDS, strong active member LDS, so we feel like we can actually trust him.

 He immediately starts contacting people in the ward, trying to find us jobs, and finding a place to live, finding girls we could room with etc. We are both just in shock. Literally how is this even happening? How did we get so lucky? This wasn't luck. Taylor and I have both felt like there is a reason we are supposed to be out here but we didn't know what yet. Then we meet most of the roommates, Austin, Josh, Korby, Matt, Kyler, Ben, and Randy. All the greatest guys ever. Very active household. Such a relief. Shows how much of a support the church can be. They are all just 100% ready to help us strangers. We were amazed. And it just so happens that Austin, who lives in the little shanty on the roof, is headed Utah for a few weeks. He offers his little place, free of charge, while he is gone, so we can find jobs and a place to live.... WHAT!!?? So what you're saying is we can live less than a block from the beach, FOR FREE???!!! 

Doi, no brainer

Now we have 8 older brothers... we have to check in every hour, be home by curfew, etc etc. Never been so intimidated or excited by or about anything. 

That night we head to a "house" party. We didn't know there were houses where you had to go through 3 gates to get to. There are, apparently they are in Irvine, CA

This was the master bath.

This house is incredible. There is even a faucet that is a 
who has those?? 

The guy that owns this house made his living building assisted living homes! Ahhhh this is what I want to do! You mean if I do what I've always wanted to, and do it well like I plan to, I can have a house like this? Duh, just made me want to achieve my goal even more. This house was BIG, this house was breath taking.

DAY FOUR: Day before Tay's 21st!!!

Today is the day, Tay's last day as a child. She will officially be 21 years old in less than 24 hours. She wakes up to these beautiful flowers from a good friend! Good start to a birthday eve. 

We decided that since at midnight she would be allowed into clubs and parties, that we would venture up to downtown LA/Hollywood. So we call up Jef and Cody to see if they know of any places that would be good to check out. Of course they do, so we plan on meeting up with them around midnight. Once we get there they are with some friends, who quickly became our friends too. 

Jason was hilarious and kept insisting Taylor was not white. He was trying to convince the world of this too. 
Quite humorous.

It was such a blast! We went to a brand new club that was just opening and then stopped by a different place before heading back to LA. By this time it was 3-ish so we just crashed at Cody and Jef's place, and that ends our 3rd night in So Cal.


  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE! I just read all of your adventures (so far) and can not wait to hear the rest. Im so happy you girls are finding everything to be working out and going your way.. Much prayers answered Im sure! HAPPY BIRTHDAY again Tay Tay! Im sorry I wasn't there to give you 8 birthday cakes! :) Have so much fun girls.. Live it up! (And keep blogging!)

  2. Love this blog. Its becoming quite the happy story. And im happy to play a small roll in your quest for tranquillity in Huntington Beach..