Friday, April 15, 2011

Update with pictures:)

is my new room


Belle is my favorite princess:)

Winnie the pooh is my little sister's favorite, I sent her this picture

Jill and I watching the show in the saloon

 played a free concert in downtown disney! 
The best part of the day!

They were soooo good

Roz, from Monester's inc. Best pixar film

This duck bit my finger

We got stuck on pirates ha, right next to the meowing cats

Some quick snapshots of one of the most beautiful temples:)


This guy had this dog in the airport sitting next to me. I started petting the dog and the guy says "keep flirting, good boy," ha. Really was one of the cutest little puppies I've ever seen.

This is me sitting at the airport grumpy and then happy

These are some of pics I took on the plane. The clouds were really pretty and fluffy

Saturday, April 9, 2011


My entire CA adventure has been turned upside down! I would normally have been freaking out by now but things have actually managed to work themselves out. 
A few new things.

1. New job
2. New city
3. New apartment
4. New roommates
5. New friends

First: NEW JOB

Brandy & Melville
 It's a women's clothing store that opened a month ago in fashion island, the mall I work at. Fashion Island is the raddest mall ever. The store came to the U.S. a couple years ago, and now there are four stores, one in New York, two in LA, and this first one in Orange County. It's the best, and all the girls are great. A few days after I started, they had me do visuals! It has been so much fun, and such a great opportunity to do something I've never done before. Turns out, I love fashion, I love getting dressed up and I love trying new things. It's the best. 

2. New city

Newport beach VS. Huntington beach

Newport beach > Huntington beach

Ha, I don't really have anything against Huntington Beach, I think more things have just gone right since I moved here. I love the people and I loved how generous everyone in Huntington was, but all I did was play around. I guess it's my own fault ha, but now that I'm working, paying rent, buying groceries etc, I actually feel like I'm worth something again ha. I love Newport, it's so nice, it's beautiful, and so clean. I love that I can go outside, and walk to get ice cream, or a soda, etc. I just love it


I live in the golden girls house, literally... we have the couch. It's lovely, just lovely. We all sit around like we're old women with blankets over our shoulders and mugs of tea, hot cocoa, and glasses of cranberry juice. I set up my TV and blu-ray player, and we watch netflix during all of our spare time. Now, we are stuck watching glee, I've listened to all the music for the last few months because Taylor was obsessed, now I'm finally watching what it's all about. I've decided I'm gonna be on the last season.

I just need to figure out how I will go about doing that ha. 

4. New roommates

These... are my new roommates, they're the best. I literally can't help but laugh the whole time I'm with them. Marie, Tanya, and Jillian, also known at Gill to some. I'm so grateful to have met them, and sooooo glad they aren't psychos from craigslist. I work with Jillian, she is seriously just a light in my life. I love her to death. She is great. 

This is her...

5. New friends

I've made a hundred new friends already, despite the rumors I'd heard about people being jerks here, they're really nice. I had two people offer for me to live with them at work the first day... I wouldn't have gotten that in Utah, I'm almost certain. I love my friends in Huntington, my friends at work, my old friends, my friends that visit, and my friends that I'm gonna make:) You're great and I'd be no where without them! I just love everyone, thanks for making my life amazing!!!!!!!!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Random stuff you probably don't even want to read

I don't have the pictures off of taylor's camera from the last few days yet, so I'm just writing down a few things that have been dancing around in my mind lately. 

Taylor and I have a new favorite word

1   : to worship or honor as a deity or as divine
2   : to regard with loving admiration and devotion

3: to be very fond of
Who could ask for more? We have decided we will not date, kiss, or especially marry someone who does not absolutely ADORE us. There is no better definition of love. 
(for the right reasons of course) 

Sisters, hmmm touchy subject
I love my sisters, with all my heart. They are my permanent best friends, they aren't going anywhere. So what happens when you fight? You suck it up and apologize, even if it kills you. They are with you for the long haul. I'm very blessed to have such wonderful sisters who share my same passions, experience my same heartaches, support me in anything (even quit my job, pack my bags, and move to a city where I don't know a soul), and NO ONE will come between us. I love you Ash, Mikayla, Kassidy, and Hope. Miss you guys

Forgiveness is typically defined as the process of concluding resentment, indignation, or anger as a result of a perceived offense, difference or mistake, and/or ceasing to demand punishment or restitution. 

I've been practicing this as much as I can. I have a lot of crap that people have to forgive me for, but lately I have just been tested on this a lot. I'd like to think I'm doing pretty well. 



The thing I need to work the hardest on is my initial response. I tend to freak out for a good hour, then I'm fine. I want to cut that completely out. The only person that can make me miserable is me, I'm a firm believer in that. I am in charge of my own happiness, and if everyone took an extra minute to contemplate how their reaction will effect the future, we would all be a lot happier. I'm getting there though. It's a personal goal I've set for myself, and it is definitely being tried. The future is bright despite everything.


Can you even think of a more magical place? This place is fantastic! I had a rough day yesterday and honestly didn't think anything could make it better, my day was shot; 
 I get a text from Mikayla (little sister), she is flying in for a cheer competition and is going to DISNEYLAND!! Best news ever, seriously an answer to my prayers. I get ready, Tay gets ready and we start driving, we park, get out of our car, walk to the escalators... it's raining. Uh-oh, I don't do well when I'm cold. Oh well, I want to see Mikayla. I don't even debate it. We get inside and decide that we are going to go on Peter Pan since we hadn't been on it since we were little kids. THE GREATEST.
FINALLY Mikayla gets there, it is pretty much in the ocean now it's raining so hard (exaggeration). Seeing her made my day though, I needed it so bad. I love her, we are the most alike in my opinion. We were all laughing and having SUCH a good time, you wouldn't have even known it was raining. We were drenched, freezing, and singing ha. It was the best day. I loved it. Tay loved it. I assume Mikayla loved it ha. We actually stayed for quite a long time, and we weren't even complaining. It is exactly what we needed, thanks Mikayla for answering our prayers even though you didn't know you were. Love you.

The Clean Diet

Clean Diet Basics

the-clean-dietThe Clean Program helps to restore the ability of the body to heal itself by several methods.
  1. Reducing the load on the digestive system.
  2. Protecting you from the damage of circulating toxins.
  3. Delivering specific liver detox nutrients.
  4. Promoting gut repair.

Taylor and I decided we were going to practice self-control, and she wanted to see if this would help her feel better. She has consistently not felt well after eating. Sounds great, who wouldn't want their body in it's best shape? JOKE, we went and spent a bunch of money on disgusting foods that we were allowed to eat. We decided it didn't matter how much it cost, we were gonna do it. Bahahaha, we are the worst. Day 1: eating a meal replacement shake for breakfast, eat raspberries when I got hungry. Crap, I'm still hungry and craving chocolate. Well Taylor is at work, so I drive to Walmart and buy nearly 20 reese's peanut butter eggs. I hide them in my purse and then in the little cubby thing in my car. Well funny thing is, when she finds this out she tells me she went and bought some too, and wasn't going to tell me ha. I am NOT doing a cleanse. I can finally admit, I HAVE NO CONTROL OVER MY BODY. Lovely. 

Monday, March 21, 2011


So, I'm obviously a little behind on the blog, we've been here more than two weeks and I think I've got to day 4? Well here is the update in pictures. Pictures are worth a thousand words anyway right?

We honestly love it

This is the birthday card our Chiropractor friend Ryan gave Taylor on her birthday, look closely at the card and you can see, he knew her very well.

They also made her a cake:) And then we went 80's dancing!

Next day Korby and Jason took us on a double date rock climbing!! 
We sucked
 bottom line
But it was fun


Beins and Maverick joined the crew and immediately became best friends with our boys. 

Beins had NEVER been to Disneyland, WTH. So basically this was the best day of his life, and we got to share it with him:)


In line for Pirates of the Caribbean

 End of the night, messing around

 Then, the club. 
Waaaaaayyyy fun. 
Love getting all dressed up and dancing our pants off.


Saturday, March 12, 2011

DAY TWO: Settling... or not

Definitely slept in today 2 GOALS: 1.Find a place to live 2. Get a job. Well not when you don't know anybody, and have to use a GPS to get to the gas station. After an entire day of driving around to various places we had looked up online, we weren't really feeling it. It was a pretty scary thought; up until this point, things had fallen into place... and this, was not. Then on top of all that, things turned bad with the place we were staying. Now what? Seriously I have never been more scared in my life. I couldn't go back home now, we had come so far. I randomly decided to get a hotel, let my brain slowdown for a bit, and figure out our next move. (Obviously this is what the random $100 was for as I walked out the door, love you Dad) I get online and book a hotel called the Radisson in Whittier, California. Turns out the whole thing was an answer to my prayers. I just chilled out, took 2 or 5 showers, watched some CSI, chatted on Facebook, and didn't think about my problems. "Hey how are things going in California?" chats a different friend Jeff. I tell him what's up and he has this bright idea to check out Huntington or Newport, basically a little ways South anywhere.I don't know why I did, but I loved the idea. Right after, I texted Taylor and told her what he had proposed, and we decided to check things out. So about 2AM I feel at peace finally and fall asleep. 

DAY 3: Change of plans....
I wake up, take my own sweet time to shower yet again, dress in some chill attire, don't brush my hair, and put on muh trusty fedora. On the road yet again, (Every time you go anywhere here, it turns into a road trip because of the traffic)ready to pick Taylor up and start this new adventure. Bronson answers the door, in his underwear... don't worry Taylor and Cody were both wide awake but made him answer it anyway. I come in, we chat for a bit and head off... Orange County. We don't understand why we feel so good about it but we do. We are Praying in Gratitude for the trials and blessings we had received so far. Great start to the day. It's getting warmer.... GREATEST THING EVER!! It's starting to look more like the California you always picture. We are so excited when you can finally see the beach! 


How could we want to live anywhere else?;)

Why didn't we think of this before? Downtown is so dirty and sketchy, we were afraid to walk to our car... this was the best decision we had ever made! Only one problem, we don't know a single soul. Literally, we had no plans. All of sudden my friend,
Dr. Brock's 
name pops in my head. 

He had lived here a while back working as a doctor. I send him a text and ask him if he knows anyone that might be able to help us. Being more than glad to help, he makes the phone call for us, tells us to meet up with him so he can help us out. So we head to 120 17th Street, Huntington Beach, CA. WTH, the beach is still within view... he can't live here. But he does. This guy named Kui, (pronounced Ewwy, but with a K)is the greatest guy ever. So surprised to find he is LDS, like actual LDS, strong active member LDS, so we feel like we can actually trust him.

 He immediately starts contacting people in the ward, trying to find us jobs, and finding a place to live, finding girls we could room with etc. We are both just in shock. Literally how is this even happening? How did we get so lucky? This wasn't luck. Taylor and I have both felt like there is a reason we are supposed to be out here but we didn't know what yet. Then we meet most of the roommates, Austin, Josh, Korby, Matt, Kyler, Ben, and Randy. All the greatest guys ever. Very active household. Such a relief. Shows how much of a support the church can be. They are all just 100% ready to help us strangers. We were amazed. And it just so happens that Austin, who lives in the little shanty on the roof, is headed Utah for a few weeks. He offers his little place, free of charge, while he is gone, so we can find jobs and a place to live.... WHAT!!?? So what you're saying is we can live less than a block from the beach, FOR FREE???!!! 

Doi, no brainer

Now we have 8 older brothers... we have to check in every hour, be home by curfew, etc etc. Never been so intimidated or excited by or about anything. 

That night we head to a "house" party. We didn't know there were houses where you had to go through 3 gates to get to. There are, apparently they are in Irvine, CA

This was the master bath.

This house is incredible. There is even a faucet that is a 
who has those?? 

The guy that owns this house made his living building assisted living homes! Ahhhh this is what I want to do! You mean if I do what I've always wanted to, and do it well like I plan to, I can have a house like this? Duh, just made me want to achieve my goal even more. This house was BIG, this house was breath taking.

DAY FOUR: Day before Tay's 21st!!!

Today is the day, Tay's last day as a child. She will officially be 21 years old in less than 24 hours. She wakes up to these beautiful flowers from a good friend! Good start to a birthday eve. 

We decided that since at midnight she would be allowed into clubs and parties, that we would venture up to downtown LA/Hollywood. So we call up Jef and Cody to see if they know of any places that would be good to check out. Of course they do, so we plan on meeting up with them around midnight. Once we get there they are with some friends, who quickly became our friends too. 

Jason was hilarious and kept insisting Taylor was not white. He was trying to convince the world of this too. 
Quite humorous.

It was such a blast! We went to a brand new club that was just opening and then stopped by a different place before heading back to LA. By this time it was 3-ish so we just crashed at Cody and Jef's place, and that ends our 3rd night in So Cal.