Saturday, April 9, 2011


My entire CA adventure has been turned upside down! I would normally have been freaking out by now but things have actually managed to work themselves out. 
A few new things.

1. New job
2. New city
3. New apartment
4. New roommates
5. New friends

First: NEW JOB

Brandy & Melville
 It's a women's clothing store that opened a month ago in fashion island, the mall I work at. Fashion Island is the raddest mall ever. The store came to the U.S. a couple years ago, and now there are four stores, one in New York, two in LA, and this first one in Orange County. It's the best, and all the girls are great. A few days after I started, they had me do visuals! It has been so much fun, and such a great opportunity to do something I've never done before. Turns out, I love fashion, I love getting dressed up and I love trying new things. It's the best. 

2. New city

Newport beach VS. Huntington beach

Newport beach > Huntington beach

Ha, I don't really have anything against Huntington Beach, I think more things have just gone right since I moved here. I love the people and I loved how generous everyone in Huntington was, but all I did was play around. I guess it's my own fault ha, but now that I'm working, paying rent, buying groceries etc, I actually feel like I'm worth something again ha. I love Newport, it's so nice, it's beautiful, and so clean. I love that I can go outside, and walk to get ice cream, or a soda, etc. I just love it


I live in the golden girls house, literally... we have the couch. It's lovely, just lovely. We all sit around like we're old women with blankets over our shoulders and mugs of tea, hot cocoa, and glasses of cranberry juice. I set up my TV and blu-ray player, and we watch netflix during all of our spare time. Now, we are stuck watching glee, I've listened to all the music for the last few months because Taylor was obsessed, now I'm finally watching what it's all about. I've decided I'm gonna be on the last season.

I just need to figure out how I will go about doing that ha. 

4. New roommates

These... are my new roommates, they're the best. I literally can't help but laugh the whole time I'm with them. Marie, Tanya, and Jillian, also known at Gill to some. I'm so grateful to have met them, and sooooo glad they aren't psychos from craigslist. I work with Jillian, she is seriously just a light in my life. I love her to death. She is great. 

This is her...

5. New friends

I've made a hundred new friends already, despite the rumors I'd heard about people being jerks here, they're really nice. I had two people offer for me to live with them at work the first day... I wouldn't have gotten that in Utah, I'm almost certain. I love my friends in Huntington, my friends at work, my old friends, my friends that visit, and my friends that I'm gonna make:) You're great and I'd be no where without them! I just love everyone, thanks for making my life amazing!!!!!!!!

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